The Tera Online Slayer class is all about dealing damage.

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The class is not so much of a tank due to the light armor preferred. However, this is one class that can stand next to a tank and deal damage beyond imagination. When the Slayer swings the sword in arcs and quickly evade attacks along the way, it is almost as if looking at a graceful yet deadly dance.

Swordplay is the best word to describe how the Slayer handle their weapon. Characterized by wide sweeping attacks that can take down many enemies simultaneously, the slayer is not a force to be reckoned with. This fast-moving damage class is capable of doing backflips and leaping long distances to avoid being hit by enemies. The Tera Slayer is marked by high-damage and agility seen in their fast evasive moves.

Using the two-handed great-sword, the class can unleash series of attacks that leaves foes falling flat on their face when the Slayer is done with his/her dance. Skills and abilities featured by the Slayer class are those such as leaping strikes, shouts and sword swings. Leaping, rolling and dodging goes hand-in-hand with the Slayer’s sword skills. In comparison, gamers who prefers to play it fast would find the Slayer more appealing than the Berserker class. Mind you though, the Slayer is not a tank.

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