Tera Gold Online is a kingdom where once two different species

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One of the most exciting and unique class at Tera online is the Tera online Gold. The Tera online Gold are adorable little woodland creatures that use the elements of the world they live in to help combat the evils they face. The Tera online Gold have a unique history and some special abilities that only the Gold have.

The Tera online Gold have come from a kingdom that where once two different species. They are both spirits of nature and are the protectors of the balance of nature. The small female who resemble humans are known as the Elin. The playable character is the small woodland creature known as the Gold. A long time ago the goddess Elinu broke her innocent essence and began giving spirits a physical form. The result of these physical forms where the Elin and the Gold.

The Elin used their divine spark that was given to them and in turn they created the little furry creatures known today as Tera online Gold. Although these two creatures are very much different in all physical appearances there very much alike at heart. The Tera online Gold are full of life, very curious little creatures and to some very mysterious. The purpose of the Tera online Gold is to protect nature and the spirits that reside within nature. The Tera online Gold will protect nature at any cost, even if it means risking their own life in order to preserve the balance of nature.

The Gold are quirky and have a very blunt style of communication. They speak their mind and get right to the point. The Golds are fierce creatures when it comes to battle. Their quick wit and quick reaction makes them a race to be feared. No one wants to battle a Gold but many want to have a Gold as their ally. Besides the Gold, there are 8 other classes players can chose from. Leveling each of these classes could also vary in terms of techniques. More information about the classes and leveling up in Tera could be found at the Tera Online Guide website.

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