Tera's unique skills makes a new light, it is the players have to look forward to.

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The Tera is known for revitalizing allies from the brink of death. Besides supporting allies, the class is highly capable of doing it solo by blasting away and burning enemies that are encountered.

For the Tera Gold, helping others on the battlefield is of utmost importance and because of the support abilities they posses, Tera characters are very popular and liked by parties and groups. Besides healing skills, buffs and resurrection skills are also featured for gamers of this class. Gamers who enjoys skill rotations and expanding the use of abilities and talents would find the Tera very appealing. In fact, the class is one with the most skills available in Tera.

Preferring to be quick on their toes so they may rush to aid allies on time, the class is protected by cloth-based armor. Although the Tera may seem at a disadvantage if going one-on-one with one of the attack-based classes such as a warrior, the Tera's healing abilities makes all the difference. For the Tera which is all about knowing when to use the right skills and in the most effective combinations for different situations.

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