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RS Forming History in game

Mary will never come to you They caught him and hung, but before his death, she managed to send a curse that every child who looks in the mirror and say his name obscured his mind out in the world of the living Cheap RS Gold is a woman who lived during...

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The Battle GVG Intensive Grinding

Old game though, grind intensive GVG battle even it out a bit though; they are a bit more fun Can someone break down what types of PvP there are, what the purpose is, and so on. When you are looking for a fight and let us say you kill somebody, you get...

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Made A Big Push To Get A Job

Over the summer we bit the bullet, took our medicine, and made a big push on getting the work done We finally got our known defect count down to zero a few weeks ago, and lined up all the resources and processes needed to release a patch We finally got...

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