The Vigorous and Hospitable Huangshan Peak

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Alondra loose inside the method to the peak ahead of the letter, since even the rationale for loose forward, by means of a stone arch bridge, uphill paces that's about to. This is 1 of about 400 years old pines, and its thick root technique, the main deep-rooted rock bar, the other five stout branch root, all exposed, Zhuangruo Alondra, hence the name. Visitors than this, all praise. The "Dielianhua Alondra Song" chant the words: "and this year alone according to early to find Fang, involving Stream Dengfeng, Hong Qiao Road, Lan around. Peaks by way of WOW Gold the clouds less soil, exposed roots pines like Alondra leaves the peak Green disc sticks on steep, receive as a guest passenger hospitality, and from visitors to laugh. high mountains, dense forests and more good birds, right right-ming tree tip of Acacia. "

Baotasong peak inside the mountain lion, lion east of Lin Chiu, Kirin loose side. Several strains of cylindrical pines, soared, cloud-clear sky, pine branches, heavy piles, lush green, great on the small, the shape of the tower, hence the name. A poem Yong said: "If the towering pine cone round booths, heavy piles into Cangming. Yaoguan straight like support Tianzhu, Cuigai engine off if the rise."

Escorts pine, Jiuzhi nine names listed it as loose of the three. Peak just before the letter three facing gully, only the southeast and the other peaks separated by Zhang Xu. This side can only take things Dengfeng, thrilling exception.


When they came for the summit to watch the great scenery here, the tree can not help but want to "escorts" who had expressed deep cliff of pines thank lazy, so would use this word the name of, and requested the calligrapher Sun Cham to engrave on the walls eight books. Huang Xi Yuan also wrote "Lion night ride on the" poetry, the first sentence goes, "Mountain half board within the rain, escorts over cliff by the monk," chronicles the adventures of the line cheap tera gold. Due to the fact then, the "escorts pine" in the name of it was later called to open. Cliff bridge between the wood frame was to ferry tourists, as the stone bridge wooden bridge after the change, were "crossing the Bridge," but who are still supporting the pine bridge tour. Escorts pine, 4 meters high, branches in over many years, escorts escorts, unfortunately fracture, the existing 1.7 meters long and nearly Kuxiu, but the trunk is still vigorous and dynamic. Modern people a poem in praise, saying: "Old Love Song hospitality too closed, stretched across the gully branch cited the enemy. How much rain the night frost, dedicated for the dawn."


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