World of warcraft addiction book about the habitual game hazards

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When it comes to game the addict, we imagination in the emerging are mostly some idle college students or young people. But now, a family of the university professor may want to break all the lotro gold.

The name of the American people with field marking Van Cleave once was a world of warcraft addicts. Last year, he published a book called "don't plug: I Dark Game Addiction Journey" (Unplugged: keep the Dark World for come of the Video Game Addiction) book, about the harm Game Addiction. In recent accept yahoo news visit, he introduces himself is how to stay up late playing games from the transition to a healthy balance of life habit. He also admitted that, for the first time since 2004 after contact with world of warcraft, his life was completely dominated the game, he not only lost work, family life at the same time is Mired in a crisis.

And after he quit the game, precise that all of the network game, although his wife has been worried about his addiction can recur, also worry that their children in the future it will have the same symptoms: "I worry about my children also have game addiction tendency, like alcohol addiction like that."

Van Cleave remind online gamers to seem slight addiction become alarmed by the process: "you play games in the casual, game addiction can form, this is a gradually accumulate process. I was like" world of warcraft "Charlie machine (American film star), dissolute unruly, do not know to repent. Go to your good father good husband, Lao tze is to play this game."

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