"The Czech republic" krum rove--the world the most beautiful one of the town

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The Czech town krum rove is known as the world's most beautiful one of the small town. The only now more than 14000 residents of the town is located in the Czech republic, is located in the southern region of Bohemian other river upstream, the tower, about 160 miles (kilometers) from the capital Prague. The town from 13 th century, because it is in an important trade channel and gradually prosperity. Most of the buildings here was built in the 14 th to the seventeenth century, between gothic and baroque style. The whole town was flowing through the other tower of the river, the castle, surrounded, from the view of the medieval amorous feelings most astounding.

Under the blue sky and white clouds in the small town of beauty to dream, choking.

The mountain and water around town with the natural landscape with a picturesque harmony.

The small town of preserved architectural appearance have different features, basic there was not a are alike.

Winding fluctuant river and into the river and a medieval style construction, all eyes makes a person gutty paid little attention; avoiding Mrs Feeling.

August is the rainy season, the Czech republic changeable weather add more town charm.

From the river to the boat across the small town of primitive simplicity is brought to life.

River rafting trip is a lot of tourists to the one of the purposes of, there is no lack of to weekend Czech family. Here on holiday, entertainment and sun can kill two birds with one stone.

If you don't like white water rafting, can go to the street of the town around. In ZhaiZhai, song song really small roadside, is SLATE straight rows of small shop. With luck, may cleans out you like objects.

Tired of playing or stroll tired, is make to take the impending static drink a glass of beer big balcony, and other comfortable feeling arises spontaneously. A steady stream of visitors about the entertainer to bring the opportunity, it is krum rove unique charm, every day attracts tourists from all over the world.

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