Lack of sleep makes it easier to gain weight

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"Sleep is not high quality, many men have a beer belly, and most men tend to have a beer belly is not very good sleep." As the United States the world's largest "fat country" in the statistical analysis of obesity found , beer belly (that is, central obesity) and inter-related sleep problems.

According to the United States, North Carolina, Wake Forest University School of Medicine researchers measured with a CT scan study of abdominal fat, including subcutaneous fat and visceral fat shows. Resulting in weight gain because their own men, visceral fat levels and diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases are closely related.

Among them, the average nightly sleep time less than 5 hours a visceral fat than the normal increase of 32% in people between 6-7 hours, 13% fat, not less than 8 hours by 22%. Therefore, the researchers believe that sleep related increase in abdominal fat, there may be three reasons.

The first, less sleep may make people tired, leading to inability to exercise during the day; so, than those with adequate sleep time, sleep more who spent less time on exercise, which increase the number of fat more easily.

Second, less likely to affect sleep and appetite-related hormone levels, leading to over-eating. After all, is not the right time to eat unhealthy food will also increase the risk of stroke, the risk of heart disease and gastrointestinal disorders. This also shows that diet and sleep patterns affect each other, when to eat and eating what is equally important. According to estimates, a person stayed up all night and thus, after breakfast, use less power than enough sleep 8 hours a 15% lower energy consumption, which is not part of the energy consumed will be converted into stored fat.

Third, because of depression caused by too little sleep. According to a study last year has shown, too little sleep easily lead to abdominal obesity and waist, and the lack of deep sleep and dream less likely to lead to obesity. So, if you want to keep slim, it is best to maintain adequate sleep, try not to stay up late.

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