Guild Wars 2: Development Of The Towers

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The latest Guild Wars 2 developer blog, Arena.Net William Fairfield offers readers an inside look at how the dungeons have been designed. When designing a dungeon, Fairfield, said the flow of the dungeon, enough of a challenge and the need for players to use strategy skills.

It begins, as most things do, with an idea. The designer is responsible for the tower will sit down with Jeff Grubb and work out the story we're trying to say inside the dungeon. Then they give a paper design of the dungeon. Once the design is finished paper, we have a meeting that includes our artists of the environment, lead design, keep the team and several members of the AQ. At this meeting, the designer responsible for the dungeon built plan. We discuss the plan and propose changes that we believe can help bring the different parts of the dungeon together.

After that, the developer go back and start implementation. Iteration is an important part of this process, and in many ways, the dungeon is not just playing and reviewed by the team to maintain, but members of the guarantee of quality and design as well. Feedback is given and changes are made on the basis of this information. This process will continue, often for weeks, until the tower is in a state that everyone is happy. When you finally feel you're ready, we have every game company in the dungeon at a meeting to call everyone. This gives us much needed feedback from different levels and styles of players before starting the process again, polishing the dungeon to learn more.

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