Data show that Samsung continues to sit tight in the top spot in U.S. mobile phone maker

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According to comScore latest statistics show that, along with the Google Android system continued to expand its lead to apple, samsung to keep America largest mobile phone manufacturers status.

As of July, according to the statistical data of three months, samsung to 25.5% market share on American firm mobile manufacturers, and the second is the best head of LG 20.9%. Is Google recent takeover of the MOTOROLA was ranked third 15.6% market share; Apple to 8.3% market share; fourth Followed by RIM to 8.2%, ranking fifth place. This ranking in April and the statistical results and not very big change.

In the smart phone users, use Android users of the system than increased 5.4% in April, up to 41.8%; Apple users increase of 1%, to 27%, ranking second; But RIM users were down 4% to 21.7%, the third rate; Microsoft and both saiban user accumulative total only 8%, the bottom.

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