Confirmation Tera Gold Box Asked You To Verify Exchange

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The cheap tera gold is usually 30, and usually below level is stripped of equipment stripped, see a passing grade slightly greater will cash. And it isn't save to the greed of, if see you then, generous to continue. Will the income to equipment. When you won't, met somewhat evil even lessen your reputation after which say, "it just isn't to give me capital end", gas you half to death. The cheat inside the market before most, now several moved to quay for funds.

Deal with measures: see the initiative to funds, do not listen!!!!! In the event you see a trade, he opened his mouth to let you know want cash, promptly cancel deal!

The liar level is just not high, common 15 to 50 level. Primary is facing the level is not high friends. Under the guise of popularity in, when we come across goals, 100% of their demand the other party with each other, initially add the individual he quickly line change or referral.

Deal with measures: to adjust the popularity, make an effort to ask the other party very first add. If the other side is determined to you first add, you must demand the other party to follow you say "bogus gas loved ones death ray light". Think that liar again how shameless also won't to call myself somewhat recognition family death ray light.

The market occasionally saw an individual called the "copy" equipment. When a fish took, liars will ask victims according to what he mentioned. Very first, then cheats had trade is really a victim to copy set up, and then press equipment "exchange". By this time will jump out to a confirmation dialog box asked you to verify exchange. Liar will let you not merely do not "is" and "no", he don't want you press on the keyboard Y keys. In reality Y keys with you some impact "is" is the exact same, is agreed towards the exchange. Cheater a look you click Y keys, he there have been prepared for the press, speedily agreed to the exchange. One particular with the victims from the piece of equipment was cheated.

Solution: do not think a deal with Tera Gold in the plugin or so-called technique. Heaven will not have drop down of pie. Meet this sort of individual, he is far away from the point. Nobody so heart fantastic to assist you copy equipment, if he will copy equipment, he uncover his friend to find outsiders, copy to participate within the stem what?

Before playing adventure, accept reputation to wear the fantastic equipment is holy, black party requires 30 points, HuangCao dew is as common, level 50 equipment is ten points, when 70 of popularity equipment is the legendary artifact. The mage may be the symbol of peace, the black party black wear that get white dragon or the zero mage is equal to god.

Before playing adventure, the still and the zero wing of the Buy Tera Gold is what god of war, black, phoenix blade, parry skyshatter crossbow, yellow god arch, the soul, lightning hammer axe these also just vision of the fantasy. The only hope is really a bit in the sword of the king kong level 70 man sword, so there will probably be a force with the knife knife and half a year controversies.

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